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More Reliable than UAVs     |     Weeks Autonomy     |     Quickly Deployable     |     All Weather Resistant     |     Affordable

"AWAIS is a new generation of aerostats for short and long term surveillance missions, as well as for crisis management, telecommunication network reinforcement, advertising

and leisure activities."



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Intelligence, Surveillance

and Reconnaissance Missions

AWAIS Smart Aerostats are a unique platforms with a weeks autonomy and high stability to carry out ISR missions on sensitive sites, major events

and large territories and waters.


Deploying and Reinforcing Telecommunications Networks

AWAIS Smart Aerostats are a efficient platform for deploying

and reinforcing telecommunications networks during major

events and over large desert areas.


Deploying Lighting

and Sounds

AWAIS Smart Aerostats are also deployed as a efficient,

quick installation and stable platforms for lighting and

sounds during major events.


Launching Scientific

and Military Equipments

AWAIS Smart Aerostats can be used to support your equipment

for scientific and military purposes on sensitive sites,

major events and large areas.


Indicating Emergency Points

to the Populations

AWAIS Smart Aerostats are highly visible in the sky,

they are also used to show and indicate emergency points

to the population during major events.


Monitoring & Protecting

Air Spaces

AWAIS Smart Aerostats thanks to its quick installation

and its long autonomy of operation allows to monitor and protect

airspaces against natural invasions and UAV intrusions.

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Awais is an official global brand of Awais Aerospace and Defence Research & Development Group in Europe, founded by the inventor Awais Tayeb Choudhary.